Our Journey

In the vibrant heart of Halifax, the idea of TiffinsRus was born out of a simple passion: bringing authentic, home-cooked Indian food to the tables of those who crave it. Founded by [Founder’s Name], a culinary enthusiast with deep roots in the rich traditions of Indian cuisine, our mission has always been clear – to bridge the distance between the aromatic kitchens of India and the bustling streets of Halifax.

Our Philosophy

At TiffinsRus, we believe in preserving the essence of Indian food – its rich flavors, traditional cooking methods, and the stories that each dish carries. Every plate we serve is a reflection of India’s diverse culture and culinary heritage

What’s in a Name?

The term “Tiffin” has been synonymous with mid-day meals in India for over a century, often referring to a homemade lunch packed in a metal box and delivered to working individuals. Our name, TiffinsRus, embodies this tradition. We aim to deliver the warmth and comfort of a homemade Indian meal right to your doorstep, no matter where you are.

What We Offer

At TiffinsRus, we pride ourselves on delivering more than just meals; we offer an unforgettable Indian culinary journey. Rooted deeply in time-honored recipes, every dish we serve embodies the rich tapestry of Indian tradition, ensuring an authentic experience in every bite. Our dedication goes beyond flavors. We prioritize sourcing fresh, local ingredients daily, ensuring not only taste but also the wholesomeness of each meal. In our endeavor to cater to all, we offer customizable subscription plans, allowing you to either indulge in a new delicacy each day or savor your timeless favorites.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of environmental responsibility, hence our commitment to eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging that ensures your food remains delectably fresh. Punctuality is another pillar of our service, with a reliable delivery system ensuring your meal arrives timely, paired with a dedicated customer support team to enhance your experience. Lastly, understanding the myriad of dietary needs, we’ve curated options ranging from vegetarian and vegan to gluten-free and low-fat. At TiffinsRus, every meal is a heartfelt tribute to India’s expansive culinary legacy. Join us and make every dining moment truly special.

What Is Tiffin?

A “tiffin” is a term deeply rooted in Indian culture, referring to a mid-day meal or lunch. Historically, it denotes a homemade meal packed in a metal box, often delivered to working individuals. This concept has been embraced by TiffinsRus, symbolizing the warmth, authenticity, and comfort of traditional Indian home-cooked meals. By its essence, a tiffin embodies the rich flavors, cooking methods, and narratives of India’s vast culinary heritage, bringing the comfort of home wherever it goes.

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